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    I have a strange problem. In a servlet, I am starting a Transaction

    UserTransaction ut = mySessionCtx.getUserTransaction();

    and trying to update two tables thru two Entity Beans .

    If both go through successfully i am committing the changes


    else I want to roll back. My problem is the first update changes are getting commitied even if the second update is failing . When the second update fails it is giving me a message saying Tansaction Rolled Back but still the first update changes are not being rolled back. The transaction attributes of the session bean are TX_BeanManaged and for Entity beans TX_Supports Any Help please !!!


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    Hi Akmal,

    Can you try the following steps to troubleshoot your problem ?

    1. Obtain a connection from the dataSource (data source to which entity beans are mapped.)
    2. On the connection object call getAutoCommit() and check its value. The value, IMO, shouldnt be true.

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    Thanks Hemant,

    I was slightly wrong in the way I phrased the problem. I am dealing with Enterprise Session (Stateless) Beans not Entity beans (my fault sorry!). The Stateless Session beans use db helper classes instead of Entity beans to do inserts. So I am not sure if you suggestion will work. Any other ideas.

    Thanks Again,

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    Hi Akmal,
    I am also facing the same problem. I am using Weblogic5.1 .My code looks like the following.
    ut = (javax.transaction.UserTransaction)initial.lookup("javax.transaction.UserTransaction");

    calling db method 1 on another bean
    calling db method 2 on another bean
    catch(Exception e){
    When autocommit is true:
    When the method 2 fails method 1 still commits the changes in the database.

    When autocommit is false:
    When both the method passes still none of them commits the changes in the database.

    If you got any solution to your problem please respond me.