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EJB design: where to place a servlet??

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    sorry for reposting. Could you please let me know where to place a simple servlet in weblogic 5.1(not in version 6.0)

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    hi rahul

    Weblogic 5.1 looks for servlet classes under WEBLOGIC_HOME\myserver\servletclasses directory. make sure that the proper directory structure corresponding to your packing (to match your imports) exists under this directory.

    you can make the server look for these classes in some other directory of your choice. for that you need to change the weblogic.httpd.servlet.classpath property to point to your whichever your new location is, in the weblogic.properties file. you can find this file under WEBLOGIC_HOME directory.

    Good luck
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    Thank you!!!
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      Search for the entry weblogic.httpd.register.survey=examples.servlets.SurveyServlet in the weblogic properties file .In the above line survey is the alais name and examples.servlets.SurveyServlet is the class name.Just enter ur entry for the servlet below this line.For example weblogic.httpd.register.venkat=Venkat
    here venkat is the alais name of the servlet and Venkat is the class file name.
    i think this should solve ur rpoblem