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News: SmartMode Announces JSP IDE Beta 2

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    SmartMode announced the second beta release of Rapid JavaServer Page (JSP) Development tools. Beta 2 features enhanced support for more application servers, databases, and operating systems, as well as easier installation and enhanced documentation.

    Download SmartMode Beta 2 from

    Press Release
    San Francisco, CA -- June 13 -- SmartMode announced today the second beta release of its category leading Rapid JavaServer Page (JSP) Development tools, which are available for download from SmartMode's standards-based tools empower JSP and Servlet developers to build dynamic, interactive web sites with distinct display, business logic, and database layers in minutes. Because SmartMode integrates with most application servers and IDEs, developers can immediately take advantage of SmartMode's time- and cost-saving features.

    SmartMode Beta 2 features easier installation, enhanced documentation, compatibility with Linux, Solaris, Windows NT/2000, and Mac OS X, support for more application servers including Borland AppServer, and WebLogic, and support for more databases including Oracle 8i, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB/2 and PostgreSQL.

    "More than 500 developers have downloaded SmartMode," stated David Pollak, SmartMode's CTO. "We've added features and enhanced functionality based on their input. We're looking forward to more downloads, feedback and SmartMode success stories."

    SmartMode reduces web site development time and costs by 50% or more while enhancing maintainability and scalability of enterprise websites. Information architects use SmartMode SiteMap to set up a site in minutes and ensure a consistent user experience. HTML developers use SmartMode
    Wizard to instantly create transactional multi-screen data entry wizards that map between JavaBeans and Enterprise JavaBeans and HTML forms. Java architects define data schemas using the SmartMode Halogen object-relational mapping tool, which ensures schema consistency across
    Java, SQL databases, and XML. SmartMode dynamically generates Java classes that can be invoked from JSP pages, Servlets, and other Java programs. Developers benefit from SmartMode's open, standards-based approach which preserves investments in existing tools, training, and infrastructure.

    SmartMode interoperates with JSP 1.1 JavaServer Pages and Servlet 2.2 engines including Tomcat, Borland AppServer, and WebLogic 6.x. SmartMode works on Linux, Solaris, Windows NT/2000, and Mac OS X. SmartMode Halogen maps Java objects and Enterprise JavaBeans to Oracle 8i, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB/2, PostgreSQL 7.1, and HSQLDB.

    Download SmartMode Beta 2 from


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  2. The site falling over with a Tomcat error isn't a good advert!

    Is there another location to download & evaluate the tool?

  3. We're doing custom builds for every download requested - which is a memory intensive operation, and we underestimated the interest in the product(oops). We're working on fixing it today. In the meantime the site is up, and we are monitoring it for any further outages. Thanks all for the enourmous response.

    -Dani Pletter
     VP of Engineering
  4. Hi - I am definitely interested in evaluating your product. When you come up with an effective way of allowing downloads, do let me know. Perhaps I missed something but for 15 minutes I have just had a web page that is telling me that my evaluation copy is being built. No mail notifications, etc.....

  5. We do a private build of the software for each download. This takes a few minutes. The volume of downloads we had was more than 10 times what we expected and it took over a day in some cases to make it through the backlog. It took a few hours before we got to your build. We now know the popularity of SmartMode and we're going to make sure our servers will handle significantly higher volume. Thanks to all those who downloaded and are giving us feedback.