MBaaS, Mobile Backend As a Service platforms have come a long way in the last couple of years. What started off as a movement for helping Consumer App developers quickly build apps has now reached a specialization point. The Enterprise space is shaping up to be one such big vertical in this category. With the Enterprise in mind, I would like to discuss in details what goes into building an Enterprise stack in mobile.

  • Data Synchronization: Synchronizing data between the local device database and the Enterprise backend in the Cloud. Enables 100% functionality usage even in offline mode. Makes much better use of network resources and a more responsive App.
  • Data Storage: The backend provides a storage mechanism in the Cloud for data originating on the device. Unlike data sync, this service is typically functional only in the online mode in order to access the data stored in the Cloud.
  • Push Notifications: A way for the backend to push information originating in the Cloud to the device in realtime. 
  • Security: Deals with securing the Enterprise data that is being mobilized

For a more detailed analysis of each service, please take a look at:

Being an Open Source project, part of our job is to listen to the Community for new feature requests. I would like to get your valuable feedback on what services should make the cut in an Enterprise MBaaS stack.



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