nested exception is:


EJB design: nested exception is:

  1. Dear All

    We have a problem in accessing a method which is present in an EntityBean.
    The method returns a Vector type and accepts a String as a parameter which is processed as an SQL query.Vector contains a ResultSet.The bean class implements interface.
    We are using DBConnectionManager for connection pooling.
    When we try to access the method in the JSP page it throws an error as follows:
    "nested exception is:"
    What could be the problem.
  2. If you really put a java.sql.ResultSet in your Vector, that exception occurs because java.sql.ResultSet is not Serializable.

  3. Thank you Benjamin for quick response......

    But, what is a solution for this..

    I will describe my requirement...

    I have written an Entity Bean. I want to call the method of this Entity bean in JSP, which can give result for any SQL-query (Simple/nested/joint). I am using Oracle 8i as backend and BEA Weblogic6.0 as application server. For Connection pooling I am using 'DBConnectionManager.class'

    waiting for your reply....

  4. new another vector object and contains resultSet
    information to hashtable then add to vector,mybe... pls try it.

    {hs = new Hashtable();
    for (int i=1;i<=rsmd.getColumnCount();i++)