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    I would like to know, how can we install WebLogic Server on a seperate machine w.r.t. webserver machine.? Which pluggin will be required to be installed on webserver machine for ex. we have OSE remote and Servlet Redirector with IBM WebSphere?

    I need to design an architecture in which webserver(IIS/NES) will reside on tier-1, WebLogic will be on tier-2 and all http requests should intercept by webserver pluggin and passed on to WebLogic Servlet Engine?

    Thanks in advance.


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    Weblogic documentation has plentify of information regarding the exact steps for doing this. I believe they currently have plugins for Apache, ISAPI and NSAPI.
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    I am assuming you are using Weblogic 6.0, so here is a link to the weblogic site where you can find all the information you need to set up weblogic clustering, webserver's, etc. I will say this, weblogic 6.x webserver is pretty good and if you have a choice in which webserver to use you may want to consider using that, and you wont have to setup up the weblogic connectors.

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    opps i forgot to attach the link:


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    I agree with Rich about using the Web Server of Weblogic. Atleast the latest version of Weblogic has a solid version of a Web Server, so there would have to be a very compelling reason not to use it.