Abstract of the talk:

Tuleap Open ALM is the first Enterprise Grade ALM fully Libre & Open Source. Attending this conference you will discover a new type of software provider/client partnership between Tuleap team and its customers.
Manuel, from Tuleap team & Domenic, from Ericsson, clients of Tuleap, will share how Tuleap helps companies structure their way of working without settle down processes or tools in marble. With Tuleap, you propose a way of working to ease projects' bootstrap and then your teams can embrace them, modify them and spread them around.

We have heard time and time again where proprietary solutions have either taken months and even years to deliver features or not deliver at all.

Tuleap leverages on Open Source tools in conjunction with agile methods to help break this unwanted reality.

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Manuel Vacelet, CTO in Tuleap team and Domenic Alessi, Product Manager at Ericsson.
Manuel would be glad to speak with you about his presentation. To get in touch, ping him at @vaceletm or write him at manuel dot vacelet at enalean dot com

When: EclipseCon 2013 - Thursday 28 March 11:45 - 12:20

Where: EclipseCon 2013 Boston
Room: Room 5, Back Bay
Seaport World Trade Center
200 Seaport Boulevard
Boston, MA