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    I am using (more like playing around with) Oracle 9iAS (1.0.2) and a 8i database (8.1.7). I have a stateful session bean that loads some values from a db-table, a JavaBean that instatiates it and a JSP-page that uses the JavaBean.

    I have noticed by benchmarking that the EJB create() statement takes longer every time the page is refreshed! Is it something that I don't understand about pooling or what? The server (W2K, 900MHz/512Mb) goes on a CPU 100% trip every reload.

    Any help humbly appreciated,

    Nik (with a boss breathing down my neck wondering when I am going to stop prototyping and start coding on the project)
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    Is there a reason you are using a Stateful bean? What is in your Stateful bean, because they will passivate and activate state to and from memory. How many beans do you have in the pool? If possible, try and monitor what is happening to the beans while your running your web app. Are you caching your JNDI lookup? Do you have a connection pool and using it?

    Just a couple of things to watch out for,