Microsoft releases Visual Studio .NET and .NET Framework beta 2


News: Microsoft releases Visual Studio .NET and .NET Framework beta 2

  1. Microsoft has released the beta 2 versions of the .NET Framework and Visual Studio .NET. The .NET Framework is everything a developer needs to run .NET applications, including the common language runtime, class libraries, and ASP.NET. Visual Studio .NET provides a development environment for building XML Web services and applications on the .NET Framework.

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  2. my 2c worth[ Go to top ]

    Being a SCJP but working for a M$ consulting company is kinda weird, but I get to work M$ and Sun technologies and compare them.

    I've been looking at VS .NET Beta 1 for the past year now and this week have tried to give Beta 2 a spin. Well I tried installing it on my machine at work repeatedly but unsuccessfully, I'm guessing it had something to do with trying to upgrade the Frontpage extensions.

    Then I tried on my machine at home, it installs but completely locks up when I create a new project with some error messages that I've never seen with Beta 1.

    I know that this software is still in beta, but c'mon !
    The runtime works fine on both my machines, I've created some webservices in C# and generated proxy classes from the
    WSDL files. It's very easy compared to some of the tools I've had to use on the command line in Java.

    It's a lot like J2EE in a Bill Gates kinda way.

    I think J2EE is way ahead in maturity as a enterprise platform and even features, BUT for all the existing VB'ers out there, they're gonna think this is the best thing compared to having been in DLL hell for the last few years it's like J2EE but has the M$ stamp on it.

    that's all

  3. RE: my 2c worth[ Go to top ]

    I just don't think it is a good idea for a framework (J2EE) to supports only one single language (Java). We have built VB apps that talks to perl CGI web services, standalone java web services and corba c++ services at the same time(using the underlying ideas of SOAP and dotnet). Differnt language does have its own advantage for special tasks. I would also expect there will be new languages in the future that make my programming life much easier. What will J2EE do then? Using CORBA or JNI?

    I do believe microsoft dotnet has a great future even though I am using J2EE (only servlet but not EJB) to get my jobs done.
  4. RE: my 2c worth[ Go to top ]

    If I were a VB developer I would focus my energies on C# instead of VB.Net 'cos in a couple of years C# would be the reference langauage for any bleeding edge stuff from MS. BTW if you seriously believe the MS PR about multiple language support I think you have a long wait ahead esp. if you have existing applications on these "legacy" languages.