Like most IT organizations, you probably like to run your apps in production blindly without having anything set up or tested in advance, right? Actually, that sucks. Creating and managing your IT infrastructure with code lets you more easily benefit automate, reuse and scale, which is great for learning before hand if your app will accidentally crash the Matrix instead of helping blind orphans learn to code better (or something similarly noble). Yet many IT organizations simply put up with manual, error prone processes because it’s easier than make potentially painful changes to infrastructure, processes or culture; according to a recent report on IT Ops and DevOps, the majority of respondents only automate “less than 10%” of their infrastructure with code. In this report from Rebel Labs, we discuss the benefits of virtualization and provisioning for complex, modern IT environments, and how you can automate everything using Vagrant and Chef. If “DevOps” for you is more than just a buzzword, then you’ll want to benefit from the automation, reusability, rapid scalability and quick set-up/tear-down of development environments. Learn all about it here: