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    I'm the president of the Seattle Area BEA Users Group. At our last meeting we discussed using a newsgroup for the group to support a few needs (in order of their importance):

    1. To interconnect local people so that they could share ideas, problems, solutions, code, etc.
    2. Provide a registry of people and their areas of expertise (although a searchable registry may be more effective than a newsgroup for this).
    3. Provide a place for local job/resume posting.

    What is NOT being looked for is:
    1. A place to post product bugs.
    2. A replacement for other product (such as BEA) support)

    Now the questions:

    Is TheServerSide interested in providing these services?

    I'm confident that the other BEA user groups will also want to have similar arrangments (and thus have their users register here as well). Is that also in the target of what TheServerSide is trying to do?

    How might a user registry be supported?

    Can I as a Seattle area user filter out user groups that I'm not interested in?

    Thanks for the help,


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    Interesting you should mention it. I am one of the directors for the Austin, TX Java Users Group

    We are planning on eventually using the serverside as a discussion forum and I am currently working with Adib and Floyd to create this as a resource for us. (Currently we've just been using Yahoo groups.

    Send me an email if you are interested in discussing this further. I am currenly coming up with a list of some features I'd like to have.

    Clay Roach
    Trainer - The Middleware Company