Nastel Live! at the WebSphere Users Group i NJ June 11th

We are providing a featured speaker, Richard Nikula, VP of Engineering at Nastel Technologies.

His topic will be:

Seminar: Using a simple benchmark to understand your queue managers

Presenter: Richard Nikula, VP Product Development and Support, Nastel Technologies

In this session, we will demonstrate how a simple benchmark can provide insight into the behavior of your queue managers. How do you know the answers to questions like:

  • Do the queue managers perform worse at one time of day compared to another?
  • What impact do different options have on message behavior?
  • How do the channels perform between different queue managers.

These and other answers will be explored as well as a round table discussion on other benchmark usage.


More information will be up at here: NY/NJ WebSphere MQ User Group.

Hope to see you there!