After attending a few seminars on the topic of productivity and time management and reading a couple of books on the subject, I was introduced to some profound concepts and made some great realizations about the way I used to work. With this new knowledge, I completely redesigned my workflow framework something that lead in a tremendous boost of my productivity.

I would like to share with you the most important tips that will help you boost your productivity, increase your overall output and, perhaps most importantly, free you time to spend in other activities.

Note that the following tips can be applied to both personal and professional aspects, the principles are essentially the same.

So, let’s hit the road…

Never, ever, ever read e-mails first thing in the morning

If there is one thing to keep from this article, then this is it. Again, never read e-mails first thing in the morning. If you do, you will automatically be positioned in a reactive and passive mode instead of the active and creative mode we want to be.

Check and respond to e-mails only in predefined time windows within the day. Those should be before launch break, let’s say around 12.00-13.00, and then again at around 16.00, when your energy levels will be low anyway so you won’t lose any productive energy. Don’t worry, this “urgent” e-mail, is not really that urgent.

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10 Productivity tips for software developers