Why SCJP 6 Certification?<br><br>If you are a certified programmer, it helps you to improve your career potential and boost up your job security and opportunities. It also makes you become more competitive in the job market. Though Oracle offers SCJP 7 (OCPJP 7) but peoples still prefer to take OCPJP 6 because it does not requires any prerequisite. <br><br>Finding the Right Study Path<br><br>If you are looking for SCJP 6 certification study path then you are reached at the right place. I hope that this article will help you to choose your study path. A few years ago you had a choice of perhaps two or three materials only available in market. Nowadays, so many study materials available in market (ebook, dumps, software tools, video tutorials and etc).<br><br>You have three main options when considering taking your SCJP 6 certification exam.<br><br>

  • Online Training
  • Classroom Training
  • Self-Study

Online Training<br><br>Some companies are offering practice exams, videos and online theory. My advice about online training is to research your options very carefully. I have been out there and I can say that most of the online training packages are absolutely terrible. Oracle’s trainings are good but they are too costly.<br><br>Classroom Training<br><br>This is another one training option; you have two options for this kind of training. 1. Oracle approved Training Centers 2. Non-approved Training Centers . To do this you have to spend enough time to take courses in person. <br><br>Oracle approved training providers<br><br>They have signed up to work with Oracle and have to abide by their rules and regulations. The good thing is that Oracle regulates these companies so they must be at a certain standard. They use Oracle approved training materials.<br><br>The disadvantage of this type of training is that you will have to attend for the full classes to learn the SCJP 6 exam objectives.<br><br>Non-Oracle Approved training providers<br><br>There are hundreds of companies offering SCJP 6 training now but the problem is if they don't have good knowledge in Java then they are not offering a good quality course.<br><br>Self-Study<br><br>This is actually how I passed my SCJP 6 exam. Self-study will help you more to teaching yourself. Self-study is an individual effort to learn for your SCJP 6 certification exam.<br><br>Self-Study has a big advantage to learn for your exams. What is that means,<br><br>

  • You can study for your exam at your own scheduled time.
  • Self-Study courses are easy to use, convenient, and effective.
  • It saves your travel costs and time away from the office and Evaluate your progress with built-in exams.
  • It reduces study time by focusing only on the topics you need.

Self-Study Guide for SCJP 6 Exam<br><br>The SCJP 6 Certification Training Lab from EPractize Labs comes with set of mock exams and review slides to prepare for SCJP 6 certification Exam. This Training Lab contains both practice tests and study guides for this exam. There were 573 sample mock exam questions available with answer explanations. The cost is much cheaper than online or classroom training courses.<br><br>You may find some online forums where people will help you with areas you are stuck on, JavaRanch is the best one from my experience.