Echo3 is a light-weight open-source framework for developing rich
single-page web applications. The server-side Java API enables fast &
complex client/server applications using a Swing-style component
API. The identical JavaScript API allows the easy development of pure client-side
applications using the very same clean and intuitive programming model.
New components can be easily adopted for both platforms.

Echo3 has had a very long beta phase and the 3.0 release is rock solid
and incredibly stable. It is being successfully used in multiple large
scale enterprise applications.

Echo3 highlights

1. Fast, scalable and stable
2. Light-weight (less than 1MB JARs, no dependencies)
3. Hybrid Java/JavaScript programming model
  Develop pure client side or server side web applications
4. Advanced features such as sever side push, tab focus management
5. Component based and very intuitive API
6. Eclipse plugin for visual editing and Maven artifacts available
7. Manages quirks & supports legacy browsers

The project has recently seen a lot of activity powered by current Echo3
users who recognize the strength and quality of Echo3 in contrast to its
competitors and who want to see Echo3 develop further.

Planning for 3.1 is currently underway as is an update of the website,
forums, etc.

To find out more about Echo3 visit or find us on