Most Enterprise Content Management (ECM) servers have been around for decades, and rely on relational databases (RDBMS), because they were the only proven technology at the time. With the volume of information growing exponentially, these traditional architectures are reaching their limits in terms of scalability and flexibility.

Interoperability has always been another big challenge with ECM, solved by CMIS (Content Management Interoperability Services), a standard published in 2010 by the OASIS consortium. CMIS compatibility has been added by all major ECM vendors.

Aegif has just released the world's first ECM server designed for CMIS from the start. Instead of using a relational database, Aegif uses CouchDB, an Open Source document-oriented database developed by Apache. Designed for scalability, CouchDB is a distributed NoSQL database. This approach makes NemakiWare perfect for cloud deployments.

With more and more enterprise applications relying on the CMIS standard, replacing an aging ECM server with a more open CMIS-compliant server like NemakiWare or Alfresco has become an attractive cost-reduction strategy.