SoftSlate is pleased to announce the release of the latest version of SoftSlate Commerce, version 3.3.0. This release includes a number of significant improvements and new features. For a complete list of changes between 3.2.7 and 3.3.0 visit the Change Log:

The most significant new features include:

AvaTax Integration Improvements (Enterprise Edition Only) Our integration with AvaTax has been greatly expanded and SoftSlate Commerce has been officially certified by Avalara as a solutions partner. The improvements with this release include:

* A new AvaTax tab for each order, allowing admins to manually view, save, post, commit and cancel transactions.

* New settings to control if transactions should be Saved or Committed upon lookup during checkout, and also upon order completion.

* Option to use the Product.extra1 field as the item's AvaTax tax code, and the option to use Customer.extra1 as the customer's tax exempt number.

* New settings to define which specific countries and states should be sent to AvaTax for tax calculation.

* A new setting to define which countries should be sent to AvaTax for address validation, and adding the ability to skip address validation after the first warning is shown to the customer.

* Improved handling of shipping and discounts.

Lucene Integration Improvements (Enterprise Edition Only) Our integration with Lucene now includes two new settings to help control the default behavior of the store's search: 'Search Match Style' and 'Fuzziness'. For full details on these settings, please check out our blog post on the topic:

Enhanced PayPal Express Checkout Integration Our integration with PayPal Express Checkout has been enhanced with the following features:

* Integration of cart details with PayPal Express Checkout, allowing customers to see the cart information on PayPal's form.

* Option for the customer to pay via PayPal Express Checkout without creating a PayPal account.

* SoftSlate is now an official PayPal Partner and we now provide free set up and support for merchants who sign up with PayPal through us. For more information visit Expanded CIM Integration

Our integration's CIM (Customer Information Management) service, has been expanded! Previously, we integrated exclusively with their Hosted service. We've now added non-hosted integration via API calls to the CIM service.

* The non-hosted integration allows merchants to use CIM while having full control of the payment form. You can still take advantage of all the features of CIM, while maintaining complete control of the user experience.

* If PCI is a concern, you might still favor their Hosted service.

* For more information on CIM and Hosted CIM please visit:

* To sign up for Great New Developer Tools! We've worked hard to make developing with SoftSlate Commerce even easier. New tools we've added with this release include:

* The SoftSlate Extender - a tool for generating code to extend SoftSlate Commerce. For full details, please visit our blog post on the topic:

* Integration with Google Guice for dependency injection. Starting with version 3.3.0, you can optionally use Google Guice to create business objects and DAOs, and inject them with their dependencies. Stay tuned (like us on Facebook) for more information and details on it works.

* Integration with Google Guava's EventBus for publishing and subscribing to application events. Stay tuned (like us on Facebook) for more information and details on this works too.