The latest release of the data migration library, Data pipeline, is now available for download.  

This release includes:

  • XPath based reading for JSON, Java Beans, and XML
  • Updated integration with Apache POI and JXL for Excel handling
  • Improved Excel date, time, and datetime handling
  • Multi-threaded JDBC writer
  • Improved CLOB support
  • FreeMarker template writer (for HTML, XML, and other text formats)
  • Field-level alignment and padding for fixed-width/fixed-length-record streams
  • Conditional transformations in TransformingReader
  • Multiple dispatch (or multi-methods) support in the expression language
  • Configurable MultiWriter strategies (replicate, round robin, capacity, and user defined)
  • CSV engine updates
  • Additional data conversions in BasicFieldTransformer
  • Memory and performance improvements
  • Bugfixes