NoSQL: a notational problem


News: NoSQL: a notational problem

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    NoSQL are mostly talked about because of huge scalability gains, but actually what the movement really brings to the table are "new" notations that software developers can use to implement their systems.

    On this blog post is made an analogy between the huge gains that mathematics obtained through better notations and how it relates to the NoSQL world:



  2. A very insightful article! It's interesting to think of NoSQL as a "simpler" notation that opens up more powerful and flexible ways of representing data. I agree with the point of view that "not only SQL" is a monicker that emerges from the relational mindset, whereas NoSQL in fact represents a new and much broader mindset. 
    I think this article is a philosophical answer to those who complain that NoSQL is too simplistic, that NoSQL databases have too few data manipulation features, etc. These claims may be true in the tactical sense. But in the broader sense NoSQL is not only a technical approach to enable scalability and high throughput. It's a way to talk about data in a simpler language, which opens up new and much more powerful models for repesenting information. It's an intellectual revolution - not a technical optimization. Thanks to Henrique very much for sharing.
    -- Sarah S.