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Standard logging facilities such as log4j and syslog are very useful, but unfortunately lack many of the capabilities required for problem determination. Agile development organizations and DevOps groups need turnkey, quick-to-deploy performance and diagnostics capabilities to improve application quality and response time. Logging would be a promising way to accomplish this; however, many logging tools lack some of the key requirements you need to get the job done.

While logging is the most common way to trace, debug and troubleshoot applications, it is difficult and time consuming to use logs to correlate application activity messages spread across multiple applications and multiple tiers. Logging is also somewhat unhelpful in reproducing production problems. Inspecting and relating log entries can be a tedious, manual process.

Read this whitepaper and uncover:

  • How to use applications logging to track transactions, error messages, or any activity across multiple applications
  • Logging examples from enterprise customers that illustrate how you can rapidly deploy a real-time service to track and correlate activities across composite applications
  • Tips to turn events into “smart events” that can improve application efficiencies and response time