J2EE Vendor Evaluation: Request for Information


EJB design: J2EE Vendor Evaluation: Request for Information

  1. If anyone here has performed a J2EE vendor evaluation
    and would care to share your approaches with the rest of
    us (and me in particuliar) I would appreciate hearing
    from you.

    Here's my initial thinking of the functional areas that
    need to be evaluated (not in the order of importance):

    (1) Availability (Fault Tolerance/Recoverablity)
    (2) Scalability (Performance/Clustering/Load Balancing)
    (3) Manageablility (Administration, support for SNMP etc)
    (3) Compatability (API level eg J2SE 1.2.2 , EJB 1.1, JSP 1.2, etc)
    (4) Certification (Passing the J2EE CTS)
        BTW, is the J2EE CTS available somewhere for mere mortals?
    (5) Deployment (Support for XML and EAR: EJB + WAR)
    (6) Development Tool Integration (Which one's, extension of, debugging support, event logging, etc)
    (7) Transparency (related to 1, 2, 3 and 5?)
    (8) Platform (which OS's: Solaris, Linux, NT etc)
    (9) Hardware requirements (level and class of machine hardware: CPU class, CPU multiplicity, CPU speed. Memory. Relative to performance. Related to 1, 2, 3?)
    (10) JVM issues (for example, does it support HotSpot VM and etc)
    (11) Persistence Related (Which vendor DBMS's, distributed transaction support)
    (12) Integration (of vendor systems for ERP etc, and internal legacy systems)

    Is it reasonably to expect a J2EE server to support
    (a) 10,000 concurrent users
    (b) 10,000 RMI invocations per second/per CPU (round-trip)
    (c) 500 JSP/Servlet/HTML page-views per second/per CPU

    At any rate, I'll try to keep anyone interested informed.
    (But reply to the thread, or I won't bother the rest of you)

  2. Richard,

     Simon Blake as put a lot of time and effort into writing a whitepaper just on how to select a J2EE vendor, this excellent, comprehensive document is available in the resources section right here on TheServerSide.

  3. The article references a spreadsheet for weighting the various factors that "can be downloaded" with the document.

    I couldn't find it. Any clues?
  4. You will find a link towards the bottom of the document that points to the file, or download the PDF zip file (it is in the zip file).

  5. When I navigate to the Resources tab, I see the article

    Selecting a J2EE Vendor
    by Simon Blake
    This paper attempts to act as a review guide for organisations seeking a vendor that provides technologies centred around the J2EE brand created and maintained by Sun Microsystems. It attempts to act as a guide for those organisations who wish to use J2EE and want to decide between a number of different potential vendors.
    Read the article here or download the PDF

    When I click on the download the PDF link, it saves a PDF
    not a zip file. There is no attached Excel spreadsheet.

    When I read the article hear, I see the link...
    Working with Criterion
    Although this document does not provide a nice matrix that you can tick off, it does provide an Excel spreadsheet

    When I click on the "an Excel spreadsheet" link, I get a
    screen full of garbage (looks tantilizing what I can make of it). When I "Save Target as" the name of the file is
    selvendor.htm. which also is not an Excel spreadsheet.
    If I save it as an Excel Spreadsheet, and then invoke Excel,
    it shows the same garbage as the browser activation.

    So where is the Excel spreadsheet again? (Better yet mail it to me at rlandon at youbet dot com)

  6. I apologize, the link in the resources section was incorrect, if you click on the PDF now, you can download the zip file.