Alachisoft has released JvCache, an extremely fast and scalable in-memory data grid and distributed cache for Java applications. Scale your Java applications to extreme transaction processing (XTP) with JvCache.

Use JvCache for application data caching to reduce expensive database trips, and as a reliable JSP Servlet session persistence store with highly scalable session replication. JvCache provides runtime data sharing between Java to Java and .NET applications through fast and scalable messaging capabilities.

JvCache benefits from Alachisoft's extensive experience in the distributed caching space, resulting in a mature product that matches the biggest players in the Java distributed caching domain on feature set, performance, and reliability.

Some of the Key features of JvCache are:

  • Dynamic cache cluster for high availability
  • Mirrored, Replicated, Partitioned, and Client Cache topologies
  • Synchronize cache with relational databases (SQL/Oracle/OLEDB)
  • Support for Hibernate and Spring
  • Powerful GUI based admin & monitoring tools
  • Much more

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