Is it Ruby on Rails or Java for You?


News: Is it Ruby on Rails or Java for You?

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    So you have a web development project in mind to be developed from scratch. For sure, it is a complex web application that has got to be rich in feature, scalable and maintainable. Among these core requirements, it’s difficult for teams to choose a programming language or a web framework that is objectively the best to suit the given requirements.

    There are hosts of technologies and programming languages available. Of these enterprises have widely embraced open source object-oriented programming languages like Java, Python, Ruby etc. for their web development requirements. Considering the coding advantages and structure of language, the most preferable languages that come to my mind are Ruby on Rails and Java since the other language i.e. Python is loosely structured which makes the development process longer.
    Now the question here arises whether to choose Ruby on Rails or Java technology for your web application development requirements.

    Let us take a closer look at both these technologies from the following perspectives to make an objective decision--

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    That article is full of myths, inaccuracies, and just plain WTF moments.