As a Groovy and Grails consultant I can say that one of the biggest gains these technologies brought is the large amount of people that it introduced to the Java EE platform. This post is about these people and how I see it happen here in Brazil.

Groovy and Grails greatest achievement in my opinion

Here in Brazil when you talk to young developers who usually attend to conferences they can transmit the impression that software development is limited to two platforms (Java and .net) and the latest trends like Ruby (and Raills), NoSQL, Python, Node.js and all the new stuff. Add to this the publications which usually only will tell you about the newest technologies and you run the risk of actually believe in it.

This is not the case: much of software development in IT departments still is desktop based and a large (REALLY LARGE) chunk based on older technologies like Delphi 7 (and earlier versions), Visual Basic (classic), Power Builder, COBOL, CGI, Clipper, FoxPro, VBA, Microsoft Access (97),  or many fourth generation programming languages. And these are not bad software at all, many of these are simply AMAZING projects. The problem is that most of the technologies in which these are based are no longer supported, which creates the need to change the programming environment.

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