Good news for Hadoop developers who want to use Microsoft Windows OS for their development activities. Finally Apache Hadoop 2.2.0 release officially supports for running Hadoop on Microsoft Windows as well. But the bin distribution of Apache Hadoop 2.2.0 release does not contain some windows native components (like winutils.exe, hadoop.dll etc). As a result, if we try to run Hadoop in windows, we'll encounter ERROR util.Shell: Failed to locate the winutils binary in the hadoop binary path.

In this article, I'll describe how to build bin native distribution from source codes, install, configure and run Hadoop in Windows Platform.

Tools and Technologies used in this article :

  1. Apache Hadoop 2.2.0 Source codes

  2. Windows 7 OS

  3. Microsoft Windows SDK v7.1

  4. Maven 3.1.1

  5. Protocol Buffers 2.5.0

  6. Cygwin

  7. JDK 1.6


Build Hadoop bin distribution for Windows

  1. Download and install Microsoft Windows SDK v7.1.

  2. Download and install Unix command-line tool Cygwin.

  3. Download and install Maven 3.1.1.

  4. Download Protocol Buffers 2.5.0 and extract to a folder (say c:\protobuf).

  5. Add Environment Variables JAVA_HOME, M2_HOME and Platform if not added already.

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