With portal sites getting wide spread acceptance, interaction scenarios for corporate portal sites become complex. There could be various use cases which require portlets from different vendors, applications hosted on disparate portal servers to communication with each other. At the same time there are various technical solutions that can facilitate such a communication.

Applying a best practice out of available solutions has direct relationship with improved code quality, performance, integration, usability, maintenance etc.

Choosing and applying a best practice for portlet communication depends on following scenarios

  • How portlets are packaged
  • How portlets are placed on portal pages
  • Which portlet API (JSR168, JSR 286) is being used for portlet development
  • What data type to be shared during communication
  • Which portal sever is being used

Various solutions available to achieve InterPortlet communication are

  • Portlet Session with APPLICATION_SCOPE
  • Public Render Parameters
  • Portlet Events
  • IBM Portal’s URL Generation Helper Classes
  • URL Mapping
  • DynaCache

Please refer link "InterPortlet Communication - Best Practices Matrix" to see best practices matrix.