Normally in our projects we generate a considerable amount of documentation. Some documentation is directly a document written as is, for example Software Requirements Specifications (SRS) or Software Design Specifications (SDS), but there are other pieces of our projects that although they are not a document directly, they are consulted by developers/testers/managers, customers ... and treat it as is, for example user stories written by developers and/or QA in Cucumber or JBehave format or  javadoc. And now I ask to myself, are configuration files documentation too? Are people interested in having them in a document and treat them as documentation? And the answer is YES!!!. In this post we are going to see how to transform TomEE's configuration file into a document using anAsciidoctor extension I have developed specially for this occasion.

In TomEE, resources and containers can be configured inside a file called tomee.xml among other places. But what really makes interesting is that a subset of this file can be put inside the project, so each web application is responsible of configuring their own resources, for example DataSourcesJMS Queues, ....  And having the ability of putting specific configuration of the server inside the application also opens the doors of creating more than one configuration file per application, and load one or another depending on the environment we are going to deploy the application. For example:

  • In developer environment the DataSource could point to an embedded database.
  • In QA environment the DataSource could point to a database installed on localhost.
  • In Stage environment the same DataSource points to an external IP1.
  • In Production environment the same DataSource points to an external IP2.

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