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General J2EE: connect Apache's Web Server to Sun's J2EE SDK

  1. How do I direct Apache's Web Server to forward requests for servlets and .jsp to Sun's J2EE SDK? Is there an add on library for Apache that can do this?

    The J2EE SDK v1.3 has a Tomcat container, but I can't see anything relating to Apache AJP support in the server.xml file.

    thanks very much,

  2. Brendan,
    Apache is nothing more than a HTTP listener. You can plug-in almost any servlet container into it. There once was (and still is, but no longer developed) jserv servlet container that could be either compiled in with apache or plugged in as DSO module. There is Tomcat, and I am sure they explain there how to plug it in to the webserver. THere is Jrun servlet container that totally authomates the plug-in, you can plug Apache to any app server to be its http listener. It's all in the app server documentation. Depends what you want to do.
    Hope this helps.
  3. This is followed by all production sites.
    Let apache serve tha static content and redirect any request for JSP,servlet to servlet engine like (Resin,Tomcat) or application server like(Jrun,weblogic)

    With u'r problem in mind.
    download apachemodulejserv.dll file from
    install the apache in some sensible folder like program files and copy this DLL to modules of apache webserver.

    Next u need to install the servlet engine .
    Modify the autoexec.bat file and set the TOMCAT_HOME pointing towards u'r tomcat installation.
    Remmember to install tomcat in apache group folder.
    Now , in order to redirect any dynamic request to the servlet engine u need to modify the httpd.conf file of apache webserver.

    for example my httpd.conf file contains
    "Include c:/program files/apache group/tomcat/cong/apache-tomat.conf"

    This file is automatically generated by the engine .
    so u need to strat the servlet container first and then the webserver.