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    hi all,
    i am in the midst of evaluating Visual Age Vs Visualcafe as an IDE which is primarialy going to be on EJB development, Servlets and JSP, using Weblogic 6.1 ,
    just wanted to know if there are any sites or information on ease of development and deployment of the codes in these IDEs with weblogic , and are there any issues while deploying on weblogic

    Thanx in advance

    Ps i've been working with Visual Age for java and Websphere
    but do not know if the IDE is suitable for weblogic
  2. I don't believe Visual Age works with Weblogic 6. Visual Cafe has some hooks into Weblogic 6, but when I used it last there were all kinds of problems. It was a major headache. I have had my best luck doing manual builds with Ant. When changing the descriptors, I think it is best to change those manually. It helps you to really understand them. I think JBuilder is heads and tails above Visual Age and Visual Cafe.
  3. Even JBuilder does not support EJB2.0 descriptors... :(
    I heard that latest control center from Together deploys under WLS6 with EJB2.0 support.