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    Hi Guys

    I have setup persistence for my entity bean using TopLink. But I get an error when I deploy the bean to Weblogic 5.1 server. I have copied the toplink_cmp.jar to the weblogic/lib/persistence directory. But I get the following error during jar-ing. Can someone help me here..

    Internal VM (13:33:10): ERROR: Error from ejbc: Persistence type 'TOPLink_CMP' with version '3.0 which is referenced in bean 'Book' is not installed. The installed persistence types are: (WebLogic_CMP_RDBMS, 6.0)

    Thank you
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    Weblogic has to know that you want to use TopLink's persistense. Therefore you need to copy persistense.install file from toplink(i think its in TLWL dir) to a directory where weblogic keeps its persistense.install file(i think its under lib/persistense dir). Make sure your new persistense.install file in weblogic has entry for toplink's xml file.

    Hope this helps.