I have been training my team at the methodology of DevOps and changing the company’s culture. Last week I was trying to explain to some colleagues how we work at Wix and about our dev culture. While doing it I realized that we are doing much more than just DevOps. What we actually do is much more than DevOps, our culture is actually “developer centric culture” or in short “Dev Centric” culture.


DevOps is about breaking the walls between developers and operations but after few years of doing DevOps and continuous delivery we realized that DevOps is not enough. The wall between the developers and the operation is just one wall out of many. If you really want to be agile (and we do) we need to break down ALL the walls.


Dev Centric culture is about putting the developer in the middle and create a support circle around him to enable the developer to create the product you need and operate it successfully.

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