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News: Sentris 1.1 Released - QoS for Applications

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    There have been numerous attempts to introduce some manner of resource management, in particular reservation based, into enterprise Java applications for the purpose of (supervisory) control and quality of service (QoS). Unfortunately most have not met with much success, in part because they typically required a complete rewrite of both runtime and application libraries.

    Sentris addresses many of the past failings, offering a simple but incredibly powerful system dynamics based approach to controlling and influencing an application software runtime, without any code changes!

    We recognize the direction taken is a significant departure from previous industry efforts that have failed, not only in Java, so we are making freely available the software to allow the community to fully appreciate the versatility of a true resource management solution.

    Unfortunately it is becoming custom to claim every new software product release targets some particular aspect of DevOps but we truly do believe that Sentris is the first that stands the test, in bridging development and operational concerns, with its ability to dynamically inject control and coordination capabilities into software at deployment time.

    The QoS technology included in Sentris was developed in 2010 and has been refined over the last few years whilst we waited for the market to recognize the importance of control and feedback in the execution of software systems beyond what is already present within the application and its runtime.

    The DevOps movement has finally brought this to the forefront and with the recent publication of a O'Reilly book on Control and Feedback ( the time is right for this technology to go mainstream.

    You can download the software at:

    More information on Quality of Service (QoS) for Applications is available here:

    Many screen recordings have been uploadd to help you get started here:

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    That is a great book. Reading it now. Thanks for the reference.