Still talking about the credit crunch in sales meetings? Panicked about swine flu? And how about that kooky Lady Gaga - whatever will she do next? All of these things were top Twitter trends in 2009. Also ‘trendy’ in 2009: hating on Java. But that’s one bit of zeitgeist that’s yet to become passé (sorry Gaga) - and a link to an article titled ‘Please stop saying Java sucks’, written by Jason Cohen nearly five years ago, has gone viral on Reddit just this week.

So why is this piece still resonating now? Java is bigger than ever, with some of the highest paid devs in the business. Although you can pull apart the mechanics of some of these ‘biggest programming language in the world’ lists, by and large, Java is generally perched at the top, in first or second place. In 2013, Java was the most searched for skill keyword by recruiters. It’s clearly not going anywhere.