Performance and scalability: ULF and SUN ONE

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    I am recently assigned a project on SUN ONE technology. It's a technology evaluation project. And I am wondering If Universal Listener's Framework has any/some role in it.

    I think there is only one commercial ULF package available
    that is Hp's Bluestone. IS there any other ULF available in market?

    And are there any java API for building custom ULF stuff.

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    Wake up!!

    Blue stone is not the only ULF... besides Sun ONE will likely use iPlanet ecXpert thand HP Blue Stones ULF, ULF in an integration broker, and so are ecXpert, SeeBeyond, Level 8-Geneva, infact IBs have become key players now... I see SeeBeyond taking up a good share. There have been several projects initiated along mid and north eastern US... I donot know about other regions though.
  3. Thnks for reply.
    I went through most of the IB's that you mentionad. Is there any Ib which can be downloaded freely? Just for development purpose only.

    Thanks again,