It’s tough being a lambda. I consider lambdas as more or less human-unreadable and hard to use. Let me ask you this: Do you have such simple projects with everything in one class? Do you have to maintain code that is months or weeks old? Code you haven’t even written yet?

Here is what I believe will change when excessive lambda use is implemented:

  • Looking at each method’s call, we will not know directly which interface is used
  • Looking at each call, we will not know which methods are implemented
  • The code is not directly readable without interpretation
  • A developer that reads the code will need to know the code reasonably well
  • A junior developer joining the team will be lost in the desert without water and cheeseburgers 

Indeed, with lambdas things are less readable by most human programmers that don’t know the code well. You could argue that I only have to look some lines of code and I would have all my answers. Well, yes and no. That's the scary part ;-)

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