How to Build a J2EE Client/Application Client with Weblogic 6.0


General J2EE: How to Build a J2EE Client/Application Client with Weblogic 6.0

  1. The documentation I have from BEA is very hard to understand. Does anyone have a Dcoumented example how to build such a J2ee client with WL 6.0?

  2. Boy, I sure hope you didn't expect to get a full explanation on how to build a J2EE client application in this discussion. If you want something specific to Weblogic, you could try a couple books that are specific to Weblogic.

    "J2EE Applications and BEA WebLogic Server(tm)"
    "Professional J2EE Programming with BEA WebLogic Server"

    They are not that great, but they will show you how to build a J2EE application. I don't know which EJB spec you plan to use, but be beware of the differences when you read these books.

    My personal favorite on building J2EE applications which is not specific to Weblogic is "Professional Java Server Programming J2EE Edition". The best book out there on J2EE.

    Good luck,

  3. Did you try looking under the samples directory? Check out the stateless session bean example. It's fairly well documented and straight forward to implement and comes with a client app to test the bean.
  4. Yes, in the samples dir is a just "normal" client! :-(

    What you need fro a J2EE Client" is a *****.rntime.xml file.

    Espacially the meaning of the tags <res-ref-name> and <jndi-name> are not clear to me...


  5. You misunderstood me!

    I want to Build a J2EE Client! This is a client which uses the Application server Realm for authentication! So if you start the client, a wrapper makes the authetication before the client is "real" stared. Sometimes it is also called an Application Client! This is not a simple client... for shure this is simple to build! BTW the books you mentioned are real good, but did not include the building of such a "J2EE Client"

    Have a look at the sun documentation... there you simply have to press a single Button in the deploytool for building such a client.

    Thank you for your hints.

    P.S. Even BEA could give me some more information than the poor docs which are delivered with the indstallation ... never used this???