With Java 8 loaded in the barrel for release, expect the hype to reach fever pitch levels in the next two weeks. But what do the folks on the ground actually think? If a studypublished by Scala proponents Typesafe yesterday is anything to by, the majority of Java devs are certainly ready to get stuck in, with 65% of respondents stating that they had plans to migrate to update to the new release within the next 24 months. A further 30% of these are intending to put it into use within the next six months. 

The bulk of people (73%) who responded to the survey are currently working with Java 7. However, reflecting the continued legacy system penetration of Java 6, 22% still do work with this version of the platform - even without Oracle’s active support. Of these ‘retro’ users, 44% are planning to “leapfrog” over to Java 8 in due course.

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