NetBeans IDE 8.0 provides out-of-the-box code analyzers and editors for working with the latest Java 8 technologies--Java SE 8, Java SE Embedded 8, and Java ME Embedded 8.

The IDE also has a range of new enhancements that further improve its support for Maven and Java EE with PrimeFaces; new tools for HTML5, in particular for AngularJS; and improvements to PHP and C/C++ support.

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Release Highlights:

  • Tools for Java 8 Technologies. Especially code analyzers and converters for moving to lambdas, functional operations, and method references, as well as one-click deployment and profiling for IoT, i.e., on embedded devices, such as Raspberry Pi, together with Nashorn JavaScript debugging, and a Java ME 8 embedded preview.
  • Tools for Java EE Developers. Here the focus is on out of the box PrimeFaces application and artifact generators. End to end development of Java EE applications, from code generators to Java editor enhancements supporting PrimeFaces developers. In addition, there's TomEE support for the first time, and the community contributed WildFly plugin.

  • Tools for Maven. Maven is really the key feature of NetBeans IDE, since it is the meeting point of so many different technologies and tools. No plugins needed in NetBeans IDE for this, just open the folder containing your POM and the IDE does the rest, defining the project in the IDE completely from your POM. Enhancements in Navigator integration and graph view layouts are part of NetBeans 8.

  • Tools for JavaScript. Together with jQuery, Knockout, and other JavaScript frameworks, a lot of attention has been given to AngularJS in NetBeans 8, especially focused on connecting model, controller, and view classes with each other via code completion and hyperlinks. Integrated development for AngularJS applications, via built-in templates to deep editor tools are embedded in NetBeans 8.

  • Tools for HTML5. Grunt and Karma are now available out of the box!

Also, many other enhancements, and new tools, for PHP developers and C/C++ developers too.

NetBeans IDE 8.0 is available in English, Brazilian Portuguese, Japanese, Russian, and Simplified Chinese.

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