I am trying to understand how to use SOAP Its an XML file, but how is it used ? It works on request - response protocol. So is it just like an HTMML file ? When a browser requests a page, does server fetch SOAP xml file , convert it to HTML and send it to browser ? When a browser send s request for a page, controller on server redirects that request for some page (If content is dynamically processed). Then some business logic in a java class (which implements interface) is processed and resulting output is sent back in HTML page. When we are using SOAP, java interface method is specified as a node in XML file. So does it mean that instead of Java class, we will now be using this XML file only ?   I am confused, if SOAP protocol is an xml file, then how is it rendered to browser ?  I checked few links provided on Java Ranch, but it could not understand at what point is XML converted to HTML in SOAP protocol (request response)  Thanks