Following an extensive market research investigation into the Java conference scene we have concluded that there is an urgent need for an even better Java conference, especially in Europe. SameOne takes the best from JavaOne, Devoox (UK, FR, BE), JFokus, JavaLand, Jazoon, JFall and multiplies it by a factor of 1 TRILLION, without overflowing.

So what exactly do these conferences do best and how will SameOne make the best even better? From our research nearly all these conferences have verysimilar characteristics including:

1. Year after year the same "invited" speakers.
2. Year after year the same "accepted" talks.
3. Year after year the same "interesting" topics.
4. Year after year the same "close to beer" venues.
5. Year after year the same talk about the same bad speakers.
6. Year after year the same talk about the same bad talks.
7. Year after year the same boring keynote that serves to make other talks look better than they really are.
8. Year after year the same company booths and products.
9. Year after year the same talk about JavaFX making any sort of inroads.

Clearly the same people attending these conferences each year love thesameness of it all. So to make an even better Java conference SameOne needs to figure out a way to multiply the sameness factor on a scale that makes other conferences look like amateurs, even though they have spent years perfectingsameness amongst themselves as part of the Same Java Conference Cartel. Thesame Cartel currently expanding demographical by bringing this sameness to the children of the same attendees as well surprisingly diversifying by entering the fashion scene and having speakers wear ridiculous "tea cosy" hats on stage, within a heated building, which they hope will appeal to the same complete lack of fashion sense amongst the same attendees.

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