Data in Motion: Simz 1.3 & Stenos 1.3


News: Data in Motion: Simz 1.3 & Stenos 1.3

  1. Data in Motion: Simz 1.3 & Stenos 1.3 (1 messages)

    Published on the community site are new releases of Satoris, Stenos, Simz and Sentris that include a new select metering extension that offers dynamic filtering of probe (method) metering based on thread specific environment variables that are set using the various setXXXX methods in the Probes Open API Environment interface

    A significant amount of engineering effort has gone into making the simulated playback of offline and online recordings by Stenos and Simz to be far more scalable and efficient. In addition both products now support the record and playback of values set in the thread context Environment interface within the Probes Open API. This means you can now not only replicate behavior (thread method calls) across time (offline processing) and space (mirrored processing) but contextual data as well (thread local storage).

    I've created some really cool video demonstration that show the ability to replicate software execution behavior, those methods we've instrumented, as well as contextual data (variables related to execution) over to a simulating JVM in which they are graphically re-interpreted.

    Collective Software Intelligence via Distributed Replication & Simulated Playback

    ** Replicated Simulated Playback is like the Java 8 Stream API on Steroids without Java 8 **

    Fun Software Simulated Playback & Graphical Augmentation Demo

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