ZK Charts brings a variety of charting options from basic line charts to area charts, scatter charts, dynamic charts and more. The complete set of API provided makes visualization of your data exceptionally easy. The intuitive API allows you to present your server-side data on the client as ZK Charts handles the client-server of data for you transparently.

ZK Charts is powered by models which makes creating and updating charts intuitive and effortless for developers. Models are the perfect way for developers to interact with the charts as they shield developers from complexities that they need not know or interact with. 

Here are some feature highlights:

  • Server-side APIs in pure Java
  • Java side event listener
  • Multiple design pattern support including MVC and MVVM
  • Five pre-set themes in simple and trendy design
  • Easy theme customization for branding
  • Responsive Design & Touch Support
  • Real time data support
  • Data drill-down
  • Combination charts
  • Multiple Axes
  • Load on demand
  • Dynamical data

For an interactive demo, please click here; or download it here.