Many people have the false impression that if you're going down a DevOps route, PaaS isn't the path you want to take. Of course, the idea that PaaS and DevOps might be mutually incompatable is complete FUD, and for insight on the topic, TheServerSide has turned to our own Myth Buster, Cloudbees CEO, Sacha Labourey. In the following article, Labourey explains how the two approaches are completely compatable, while explaining why smart IT managers and directors aren't afraid to bring the two approaches together.

The DevOps versus PaaS Myth Debunked

This is actually the fourth installment in an ongoing series that aims to dispel some of the most common and pervasive cloud computing and PaaS adoption myths. The first three tips are well worth the read as well:

  1. Not all PaaS offerings are the same
  2. PaaS isn't just for the little guy
  3. PaaS is about more than just application deployment and management