Recently, Israeli-based Artifactory providers JFrog announced full support for on-premise and cloud-based npm repositories within their popular third-party library and binaries manager. With this latest update, Artifactory has become the first private npm registry and proxy for the extremely popular node.js framework.

Boasting a hugely active user base, node.js has a vibrant ecosystem, which, along with npm, is growing at twice the rate of any other software platform today. JFrog Co-Founder and Chief Architect Frederic Simon attributes this stratospheric leap in popularity to the vibrant community around it, which demonstrates just how successfully the tech is solving module issues.

Simon comments that the number of developers putting packages for a tech is a critical factor that JFrog take into account when considering a technology - this was the driving factor for the explosion of Ruby,  as well as Java back in the day - and now it’s the same for node.js.

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