DataNucleus AccessPlatform 4.0 has just been released (Apache 2 license), giving complete support for JDO3.1+, JPA2.1 and REST APIs with RDBMS, MongoDB, Neo4j, Cassandra, HBase, Excel, JSON, XML, ODF, LDAP, NeoDatis etc.

This release provides the following features relative to the previous 3.3 release.

  • Java 1.8 : Upgraded to ASM v5 to allow for Java 1.8 bytecode changes
  • Java 1.8 : support for the majority of java.time types, as well as querying
  • Changed the bytecode enhancement contract to use an internal definition rather than the JDO contract
  • JPA : no longer needs to have jdo-api.jar present
  • Cassandra : support for Cassandra 1.2+
  • Support for multicolumn TypeConverters (used by RDBMS, Cassandra, Excel, ODF, Neo4j, MongoDB, JSON, HBase)
  • SchemaTool : support for create/delete of a schema (where the datastore supports it)
  • RDBMS : support for HikariCP and DBCP2 connection pools
  • RDBMS : ability to use single connection per PM/EM (rather than 1 for transactional operations, and 1 for non-transactional operations)
  • RDBMS : removed the need to create JavaTypeMapping classes when the user type has a TypeConverter
  • JSON : support for embedded 1-1 relation fields/properties
  • Excel/ODF/JSON/MongoDB/Neo4j/HBase/Cassandra : move to using "core" definition of table/columns meaning access to generalised features tested on other datastores

Documentation is available  at

Limited free support is available via forum, and commercial support is available from the developers.