One of the most popular subjects that we regularly cover has to do with Java Web Frameworks–after all, it’s one of the most active and fragmented technology segments out there. One in 10 devs we talked to doesn’t use any frameworks at all, and one in five developers uses among 40 or so frameworks that aren’t even in the top 8 most used out there. What the heck is going on here?!

You can read the full post, but here is a summary:

  • Multiple framework usage is a common-enough occurrence, with nearly one-third (32%) of developers using 2 or more frameworks. Another 57% use just one framework, and 11% use nothing that appeared in our list (i.e. JSPs and Servlets all the way!)
  • Spring MVC users show higher usage of Grails via the ownership of the Groovy platform and Struts 1 & 2, most likely left over from mature projects, and GWT, which we see as a very complementary framework.
  • JSF users, compared to the report’s averages, are considerably more likely to use mature frameworks, namely Seam and Struts 1 & 2, while shunning newer technologies like Grails and Play 2.
  • Vaadin users seem to work alone, only showing increased usage compared to the average of GWT, on which it is built. Struts 1 & 2 usage drops significantly and comparable framework Grails is also much decreased.
  • In return, GWT users favor Vaadin over JSF, as well as Struts 1 for some inexplicable reason.

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