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    We had a good unit test framework JUnit which we are using since ages. A new opensource tool "JUnit Execution & Report Generation Tool" is now available that works as an execution and reporting platform for JUnit test cases. This release version of JUnit Execution & Report Generation Tool (V1.0) has below highlights:

    - It require no development effort to integrate the existing JUnit test cases

    - It keeps the history of all previous runs in a database (HSQLDB is embadded with released build)

    - It generates HTML report that can also include previous multiple run result for the comparison

    This tool is avaliable at sourceforge.net (https://sourceforge.net/projects/junitexecuterreportgenerator/)

    Please download this tool and post your reviews.

  2. Great work Ashish, seems very helpful.
  3. A very helpful tool to automate Junit test case.