Hi all,

I am working on a Project , that uses FileNET( for workflow)and WebLogic6.0 . As most of the business logic will be written in FileNet , no of session beans to write bussiness logic will be less . I will use entity beans to represent business data . Again FileNET client uses RMI (support for JDK1.1.x )to communicate with FileNET server . That means i can't manage transactions in FileNET with JTA .

Now My question is

In this position

1. should i write SessionBeans to wrap EntityBean calls and FileNET call ?
2. Or should i call EB and FileNET from servlet ?
3. Any idea if both call can be managed in one transaction.

Atleast 2nd approch will save my coding time .

Thanks in advance and looking for your ideas..

Ashim Chakraborty