Accessing EJB deployed in OC4J from ordinary Client java file


EJB programming & troubleshooting: Accessing EJB deployed in OC4J from ordinary Client java file

  1. Hi All
    I have deployed an Session bean in Oracle OC4J.Now i want to access that EJB from a client.I dont want to deploy client jar file in OC4J container.My client is separate.How to do that?(with out application-client.xml and jar file )

    I have followed the following approach..
    //Initialization of environment

    Hashtable l_environment = new Hashtable();

    //new context creation with envi prop
    context = new InitialContext(l_environment);

    //look up in OC4J Directroy Service
    Object boundObject=context.lookup"(testJSP");

    Now the above code is giving Null pointer exception and it is reporting missing application-client.xml.

    So now my question is without deploying client.jar in OC4J cant i access my EJB?
    If so why i cant do that?If it is possible plz help me....

    Thanx in advance
  2. don't put port 8888... let Orion use the standard port which is 23791 for iiop.