A new release of Tapestry
is now available.

Release 0.1.2 of the Examples module includes a complete J2EE application, the Primix Virtual Library. It's a database-driven application for tracking books within an organization, allowing books to be located, borrowed and returned. It demonstrates all of the basic and advanced features of Tapestry, as well as best models for allowing Tapestry to interact with Enterprise JavaBeans.

In addition, the Tapestry Tutorial has been extended, adding a new section on the advanced use of forms and form components.

Release 0.1.3 of the Tapestry framework contains a revised interaction model for dealing with stale pages, additional components and other improvements.

Release 0.1.3 of PrimixFoundation adds some utility classes for executing JDBC statements, and subclasses the main EJB exception classes to add a rootCause property.